April 30, 2020 - nanoCAD India, nanoCAD software vendor, is supporting #StayAtHome campaign.

Today, due to circumstances, many companies are moving to remote work. Health and safety of people are the priorities of nanoCAD India, so we want to support everyone who continues to conduct business in this difficult time.

Are you forced to work not at the office, but from home? All nanoCAD products have this feature.

The first thing you need is the availability of network licenses for your company. If your laptop has a local license, just take the laptop with you, but this is not common in the corporate sector.

In the case of a network license, it does not matter which computer nanoCAD is running on - it is important that this computer has access to the license server. That is, wherever you are, if you have such access, you can work with nanoCAD.

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