nanoCAD Pro: The Best CAD Software For Professionals

If 3D modelling is an essential part of what you do, then nanoCAD Pro is the best CAD software for you. Whether you need hundreds of CAD seats for your organization, or just one for your home office, this best architectural cad software offers the supreme combination of cost, volume, ability, and quality. nanoCAD Pro is more advanced version of nanoCAD Plus. It comprises Autodesk Inventor-style tool forModelling and parametric design which suits for much more advanced tasks. It is available as 32-bit and as native 64-bit versions in it. nanoCAD Pro is designed for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).

Introducing nanoCAD Pro 20

Key features

2D constraints

User can set constraints and relations on objects in the drawing to control drawings objects via parameters It is possible to set relations between objects in the drawings and constraints on their parameters: co-axis, fixed dimension, parallel, tangent, etc. Thus, a 'living' drawing can be created, which is possible to change according to the previously set rules.

3D solid modelling

nanoCAD Pro provides you the Autodesk Inventor-style tool for 3D solid modelling. When you work in a 3D design environment there is a special 3d History window containing a Construction tree representing a history of model creation. Construction tree is a sequence of features (actions) that create the model. 3d History is a nanoCAD Inspector window with a specific set of tools.

Dynamic Input

Dynamic Input delivers a command line interface at your crosshair. In thenanoCAD Architecture, dimensional objects users can display of dynamic dimensions and edits their values. It also offers for user entry to input like the length of a line or the radius of a circle.

Tool palettes

Tool palettes provide in the 2D CAD Design Software has great prospects for fast and stress-free access to your favourite commands and blocks.

Sheet sets

Form your own sheet sets in a method any designer has a preference for. This is the normal demonstration of an engineering documentation in this 2D Drafting CAD Software. You can control of hundreds of drawings and views from diverse drawing files from the single source. And even more, nanoCAD download frees you from tedious routine task with the auto numeration attribute.

IFC files support

Due to IFC files underlay quality this 2D CAD Software, can load BIM models from any other software proficient to generate IFC files. Users can review model geometry and features. Special IFC explorer shows model tree and a list of features of selected object. You can dive deep into loaded BIM model to look for the data you requisite. Advanced nanoCAD Plus 3D navigation feature permits you to walk through the model.

Familiar user Interface

A new ribbon-style interface provides modern ways of interaction with application. Instant switch between classic and ribbon interface makes work very comfortable. The ribbon structure was initially designed taking into account the ergonomics of the designer, but it does not limit the user in the possibilities of customizing their workspaces. In addition, a powerful mechanism of managing the ribbon interface allows you to instantly switch between different pre-installed workspaces without restarting the program.


Getting started with nanoCAD

nanoCAD for autoCAD Users - nanoCAD is not just the clone of autoCAD?

Introducing nanoCAD Pro20


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