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nanoCAD is a CAD application for 2D and 3D engineering drawing and drafting. The software has AutoCAD-like interface and directly supports the format DWG. nanoCAD is used for the creating and editing of vector primitives (graphic elements) and more complex objects (blocks, dimensions and etc.). User can insert and use a raster image as a background file. It contains built-in display tools to view different 3D geometry from *.dwg files. Moreover, it has the functionality to create 3D frame and Polyface Mesh models. The user can design working documentation according to the drawings and projects of 3D models created in different 3D CAD software. nanoCAD can be used by an individual user and also by project teams, which use the functionality of external references and of integration to the engineering document workflow, including PDM/PLM systems.

Why this CAD Drawing tool?

See yourself, how the smart tool is nanoCAD helps to maintain the everyday work easily. The advanced and attractive CAD Drawing tool gives you a friendly and easy to use traditional interface for drawing and design.

Best CAD software

This CAD Software can easily create complex vector geometry using different primitives' as-well as pixel objects. It allows editing of vector objects combined with functionalities to increase image quality.

CAD for easy collaboration

Direct support for .dwg file format creates nanoCAD perfect for project association between your teams. Support of different versions of .dwg format confirms compliance of your older data.

Productivity on the fly

With an intuitive interface and familiar commands you can create your projects right now. Transition from AutoCAD is smooth. Training is not required.

DWG-based CAD

Use your favourite 2D drafting tools, modeling, and editing functions and gain better results with unique nanoCAD tools.

Online support

Intense and brilliant customer support from the time you purchase the software. Response support system 24x7, Basic ticket raising and logging system.

Open API

nanoCAD offers a programming platform; in which User/developer can develop their individual CAD applications, or use already formed add-ins.

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