Best 2D CAD Software - nanoCAD Plus 8.5

nanoCAD Plus is a specialized grade 2D CAD Software equipped with Dynamic input, Tool palettes and advanced user interface for professional to work with ease. This is developed to deliver 2D design and drafting. It has a familiar interface, and by default it produces native DWG files; the user can create a DWG drawing and design according to their needs. It gives the benefits to construct and edit technical drawings. Moreover, it has the capability to use regular working methods and has the efficiency of higher processing speed that results in productivity with accuracy. nanocad Plus offers low-cost annual subscription, including updates and priority online support. You may download Specialised CAD (nanoCAD plus download) with unbeatable TCO in 32 bit and 64 bit versions with a prioritized technical support. But, for a more professional environment, nanoCAD Pro is the Best CAD Software to work with.

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Dynamic Input

Dynamic Input delivers a command line interface at your crosshair. In thenanoCAD Architecture, dimensional objects users can display of dynamic dimensions and edits their values. It also offers for user entry to input like the length of a line or the radius of a circle.

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Tool palettes

Tool palettes provide in the 2D CAD Design Software has great prospects for fast and stress-free access to your favourite commands and blocks.

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Customizable user interface

nanoCAD Plus 8 became more user-friendly. It is more contented to work with now it has the capability to customize everything.

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Sheet sets

Form your own sheet sets in a method any designer has a preference for. This is the normal demonstration of an engineering documentation in this 2D Drafting CAD Software. You can control of hundreds of drawings and views from diverse drawing files from the single source. And even more, nanoCAD download frees you from tedious routine task with the auto numeration attribute.

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IFC files support

Due to IFC files underlay quality this 2D CAD Software, can load BIM models from any other software proficient to generate IFC files. Users can review model geometry and features. Special IFC explorer shows model tree and a list of features of selected object. You can dive deep into loaded BIM model to look for the data you requisite. Advanced nanoCAD Plus 3D navigation feature permits you to walk through the model.

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PDF to DWG Import

nanoCAD Plus 8.5 lets user to import vector PDF file and convert it to .dwg file. User can edit and and modify using CAD tools and also it can be saved and exported in .dwg file.
Even all the layers in PDF file can be modified using nanoCAD 8.5

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Materials support with Materials Browser

The nanoCAD begin to support materials. Realized Material Browser (call it through MATERIALS command):

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Lighting support

New LIGHT objects. Now you can create own lighting object with one of these types: web light, spotlight, point light and distant light.

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External formats support

  • New improved PDF engine
  • Object Snap to vector and raster PDF-underlays
  • Inserting of PDF-underlays in the previous version of the nanoCAD. nanoCAD 8.5 supports snap to underlay elements: vector snap for vectors and raster snap for raster elements
  • Convert PDF to vectors command
  • New PDF2DWG command converts objects of existing PDF underlay into vector
  • PDF Import (vectors arrive as vectors)
  • New PDFIMPORT command inserts PDF underlay as vectors into the drawing
  • DWF Import
  • New DWFIMPORT command inserts DWF underlay as vectors into the drawing
  • Clip for PDF and DWF underlays
  • CLIP command works with PDF and DWF underlays


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