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The new nanoCAD mechanica 8.5 launched!!

The new nanoCAD mechanica 8.5 launched!!. This version introduces lots of new features & modifications. The important new features are as below:

  • Belt and Chain Drives
  • Flanges
  • Dairy Couplings DIN 11851
  • ASAHI Bearing Assemblies
  • Shutoff Valves
  • Plugs
  • Ordinate-angular and angular chain dimensions
nanoCAD Mechanica Launched !! nanoCAD Mechanica debuted! All-in-one for mechanical engineers.
nanoCAD Pro 8 Launched !!

No more waiting, try nanoCAD Pro version 8 today

nanoCAD Plus 8 Launched !! Don’t sit back, Try the new version of nanoCAD right now.
nanoCAD Construction Site Launched !! A specialized application that allows engineer to smoothly develop a construction site plan and streamlines the planning and organization of the construction procedure.
nanoCAD Pro Launched!! Try advanced features of new nanoCAD Pro
nanoCAD 7 Launched!! We are happy to announce that nanocad has added another features to its wings
nanoCAD Pro comming soon!! Try advanced features of new nanoCAD Pro